The Band
Temple Monkey
Charlie Bleak, Jim Lynch, Bill Lutz, Craig Pataky and Bill Wyatt

TEMPLE MONKEY is the kind of band that comes along once in a very great while. It is seen as having come out of nowhere fully realized, and it sounds like they have been playing together forever. In a convergence that no one can plan, these five seasoned musicians have come together, and they have found in each other kindred spirits. Their hearts tell each other that, yes, we have done this before.

The members of TEMPLE MONKEY all have a love of the great songs (classic rock, blues, and R & B) that have stood the test of time. Yet because of their love of the music and the enthusiasm that they bring to the performances, they make it feel new and fresh. As if they are playing it (and the audience is hearing it) for the first time. They will also be performing original material written by Charlie Bleak.

TEMPLE MONKEY is a happy amalgam of talented, veteran musicians who could have laid down their instruments years ago but didn't. This is NOT a group of aging, wistful weekend warriors going through the motions, vainly struggling to reclaim their youth or trying to play and sing notes they never had the ability to hit in the first place. One listen to a Ric Boals guitar solo (which can peal paint from 50 yards away) will convince you of that!

So the members of TEMPLE MONKEY are reaching out to you and asking, "Do you like good music? Yeah, Yeah!" If so, then join us at as many of our venues as you can. We think you will have a blast!
Craig Pataky, Charlie Bleak, Bill Lutz, Bill Wyatt and Ric Boals
The Players
Charlie Bleak Charlie Bleak
Rhythm Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals

Charlie Bleak started out playing drums and singing lead in his earliest band efforts. He eventually taught himself guitar and began to teach band members their parts and arrange vocals. In high school he was drummer, arranger and lead vocalist for The Cheerful Earful. He had begun writing at this time, and the Earful was one of the few bands who insisted on performing original material at gigs.

One of the highlights for the Earful was when they were the opening act for the Turtles at Veterans Memorial in downtown Columbus. The Turtles co-lead singers, Flo and Eddie (as they were later known when performing with Frank Zappa), were hanging out back stage, and Charlie was thrilled when Mark Vollman complimented Charlie on the Earful sound.

Following high school, Bleak attended Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana where he played in various bands and continued to hone his writing skills. Eventually Charlie and a few of the musicians he met at Earlham put together an album of original material under the name Hoi Polloi. It became somewhat of a cult classic in Europe. Reviews of it can be seen online. Recently an original vinyl copy of the album sold for $500.00. In the last year it was re-released on vinyl and on CD by Folk Evaluation. Two of Charlie's songs appear on the album which can be purchased online. There are wonderful contributions by the other writers as well as some "groovy" bonus tracks of which Charlie contributed three.

After leaving Earlham Charlie began work on an album that came out in 1976 under the title Let Me In. It was reviewed favorably in Billboard Magazine as well as in other trade magazines receiving brief airplay in most major markets. However, non-existent distribution doomed the project as lack of reported sales killed the airplay it had been receiving. But . . . Bleak did have the pleasure of hearing his album played straight through (sides A and B) with no commercial breaks on Columbus' QFM 96 one fine Spring day. And a few years later, Charlie's song Don't Hold Your Breath was chosen for inclusion on the QFM Hometown Album.

In the Nineties, Bleak had the thrill of a lifetime singing back up for Byrds founder and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Roger McGuinn on three different occasions. It was a transcendent experience playing all the hits, singing all of David Crosby's harmonies, being transfixed by McGuinn's iconic 12 string guitar work, standing just a few feet away from the great man himself. Charlie's 15 minutes of vicarious fame.

In the years since, Charlie has continued to perform, write and record. As of this writing he and fellow band member, Jim Lynch, are reportedly scheduled to play their fourth season (mid-May to mid-September, Wednesdays from 6 to 9 PM) at the original City BBQ on Henderson Road as a duo. By all means stop on by for some rockin sounds and some excellent Q!
Jim Lynch Ric Boals
Lead Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals

In 1964 11-year-old Ric Boals played his first gig for money, and his career path was set firmly in place. By 1968 The Underground Atmosphere was part of the WCOL band roster and was playing gigs around central Ohio on a nearly weekly basis. After a stint in the United States Navy, Ric found his way into The George Westermeyer Band, the house band at the popular Sangria North night club in Columbus, Ohio. That was followed by the regionally successful country band Buckskin, the well known fair and festival act Sugar and Spice & the Studebakers, and several years with The Paradise Island Band, entertaining each summer at Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island, Ohio. Ric then toured nationally as Richard P. Boals and the Soals, supporting 6 CD releases of original material and achieving airplay on over 1200 stations in the U.S. and rave reviews from all over Europe for his CD recorded on the JSP label of London, England, produced by Handy Award winning producer Jimmy Morrelo. Ric joined the Pat Malloy Band in 2009 at the request of Jim Hilditch and Jeff Johnson. He now joins Temple Monkey to add his special touch to their mix of memorable and very danceable material.
Bill Lutz Bill Lutz

Bill played with Bill in a high school band and then with Bill and Craig in the Visit, a successful Columbus touring band in the mid 70's. He also played in a touring band out of Atlanta, backing Peggy Scott and JoJo Benson (Stand By Me and Soul Shake fame). Since then he has been involved with several projects, including Reunion, and most recently the Pat Malloy Band, which included Jim Hilditch and Jeff Johnson from the wildly popular Columbus 60's band the Fifth Order. Bill prides himself at being the youngest member of Temple Monkey.
Craig Pataky Craig Pataky
Drums, Percussion

Craig's playing career as a drummer began in 1969 with a debut on Jerry Rasor's Dance Party. Since then Craig has played behind several notable Columbus front-men and a laundry list of high-profile musicians, as well as Bill Wyatt and Bill Lutz off and on since his high school days. In 1996, he joined a local band featuring fellow high school classmates called Reunion. After a prolonged absence, Craig makes a return from Phoenix to the local music scene with great zeal to work with Temple Monkey.
Bill Wyatt Bill Wyatt
Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama Bill came to Columbus at 14. After several fun ventures in high school garage bands, Bill joined The Visit with Craig, a successful local touring band in the mid 70's. Bill Lutz joined the band later. He then went on with Craig to play with the likes of local jazz great Don Haines in bands throughout the 70's and early 80's. Bill, Craig and Bill Lutz played in Reunion. Bill also filled in as a substitute bass player in the Pat Malloy Band. He is a real musical ground for the band, but when he and his Southern upbringing tries to steer other members of Temple Monkey into a politically correct gentility, it doesn't work so well!